Jenny Wilson is a rich happy forty-year-old woman living in Bel Air, Los Angeles. For her dream wedding, Jenny decides to invite a bunch of old classmates with whom she was studying french with at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Now living all around the world, they will all gather and catch-up before Jenny’s wedding and realize how much they have changed. Together, during seven days, they will celebrate their reunion and help Jenny to prepare her wedding in a magnificent castle outside of Paris.

One night, an unexpected visit will turn this dream wedding into a nightmare. Facing their Fate, Faith and regrets, they will put down the masks and reveal who they are.



THE VISIT [ interview Regina Lund on Swedish biggest TV channel, TV4 ]




A group of friends is facing life-changing events that will reveal who they really are.


Screenplay Title: THE VISIT
Creative Type: Contemporary fiction
Provisional MPAA Rating: R
Estimated Cost: -
Estimated Runtime: 90 min
Genre: Sci-fi | Drama | Mystery
Language: English
Location(s): Paris, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Sweden
Source: Original screenplay
Production Method: Live action




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